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Please check the calendar regularly, it does change.  

Band Financial Assistance Form

All Band Program Fees should be paid by now.  As this semester starts we begin making the budgets for next year’s Marching Band, Concert Band, and Indoor programs and any unpaid fees jeopardize our ability to maintain these programs.  Cutting things out of the budget to cover unpaid fees is not what we want to do.  If you still owe fees, please take the time to pay them now.  Payment Info is on the website.

Preorder your Marching Band and Concert Band End of the Year DVD’s – All profits go to the Band. $15 for MB, $10 for Concert Band, $20 for Both.  Prices go up on April 1st.   There will be a Senior Tribute section again this year.  See the newsletter for how to submit a few photos and a short message for your Senior.  They are due by April 1st

Chicago Update

  • Rooms have been assigned – You can view HERE – you may not edit at this time. Please check to make sure you are on this listWe do have a few spots still available if you want to go.  Reply to this email.
  • On Jan 8th, we have to give final numbers to the travel company. If there are past due band fees on your account you will be taken off the Chicago list and any money already paid will be used to pay those band fees. No exceptions.
  • We will know the final cost from the tour company after we submit the roster and room list.  We will update that in formation as soon as we get it but right now the total cost is looking to be around $800-$850 for students.
  • The second payment of $400 will be due Jan 10th and final payment is due Feb 5th. If you want to pay the $400 online use this link which can also be found on the website.  There is a fee to pay online.  Checks made out to CHS Band can be put in the Gray Box in the band lobby by Jan 10th.
  • A few of the activities planned are on the Spring Trip Page of the website.

We are currently looking for two willing parents to learn the Treasurer position for the rest of this school year and continue on as Treasurers for next yearYou don’t have to have to be an accountant, just willing to learn the processPlease contact Leesa Robertson or Kristin Wilson for more info.

Other positions that need to be filled for 2018-2019 school year’s Executive Board are:

  • CoPresident – Supervision and control of business and affairs of the Board
  • VP of Events – this is a new position and we are looking for someone who is willing to coordinate special band events such as 8th Grade Night, Senior Night, Concert Band Dessert Receptions, and Marching Band meals and snacks.
  • VP of Color Guard – oversight for activities that include the Color guard, including Marching Band and Winter Guard, arranging volunteers, logistics specific to Guard, assist with Guard uniforms.

2017-2018 Winter Guard Schedule

2017-2018 Indoor Percussion Information Packet