Fundraising Opportunities

Butcher’s Choice of Atlanta

How it Works

Each box purchased, the family will receive credit towards band dues!

Price/Award Benefit

  • $189.00 Purchase = $72.00 Dues Credit
  • $99.00 Purchase = $40.00 Dues Credit

Ordering Instructions

  1. Click the link below.
  2. Select your package(s).
  3. School Sponsored = Chattahoochee HS Band
  4. Enter Benefitting Student Name
  5. Check out with your discount!

Click Here to Order Online


4/13 – Ordering Window Open

4/22 – Order’s Due by 5:00pm

4/23 – Pickup @8:00pm Outside Band Room

2021 Spring Concessions

Click HERE to view the schedule and sign up. No training necessary.

The spring field concessions season has arrived! The field concessions operate as a fundraiser for Band, Orchestra, and Chorus. Working at the concession stand for Chattahoochee High School Soccer and Lacrosse games is an effective way to offset the cost of your child’s participation in the music program.  We will have 2 volunteers for each game, 1 adult (cashier) and 1 student/adult (runner).    We will open concessions for all Varsity and JV Boys and Girls Soccer and Lacrosse, so there will be plenty of opportunities to fundraise.    ***Please note, If you signed up and are not able to attend, please give us 48 hours advance notice.  It is extremely important to show up and be on time because of the limited number working the games. 

Shop with Scrip

Scrip is a service the sells gift cards (digital and physical) for a large variety of retailers. When you buy a gift card from Scrip a percentage of the amount you spend is redirected back to the band and your fees are reduced. Each retailer offers a different percentage rate.

What are Scrip and Presto Pay? – Detailed information about how to sign up for Scrip, PrestoPay and MyScripWallet.

Orders for physical cards are placed around the holidays.  Watch the calendar for dates.  If you need to order physical cards for gifts, contact us using the form below.

Ameris Bank Amphitheater Concession Stand


Chattahoochee Marching Band is in charge of a couple beer carts during concerts. We typically need 4-6 adult workers for each show. This is an excellent way to help pay off band fees.  It is work, but it is fun.

Ameris is also requiring each person go through a training session. The training can be found by clicking this text. 

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