Unfortunately, high school music programs across the country have seen a dramatic cut in funding in the past decade. As a result, the cost of participating in the band program continues to climb, especially when competing at the highest levels. Chattahoochee High School provides numerous opportunities to offset these costs through industrious fundraising activities. Band members can directly lower the cost of participating in the band program through programs like, working at the Verizon Amphitheater , CHS Concessions Stand, and various other fundraisers offered throughout the year.

Shop with Scrip

Scrip is a service the sells gift cards (digital and physical) for a large variety of retailers. When you buy a gift card from Scrip a percentage of the amount you spend is redirected back to the band and your fees are reduced. Each retailer offers a different percentage rate.

What are Scrip and Presto Pay? – Detailed information about how to sign up for Scrip, PrestoPay and MyScripWallet.

Orders for physical cards are placed around the holidays.  Watch the calendar for dates.  If you need to order physical cards for gifts, contact us using the form below.

CHS Spring 2018 Concessions

The Chattahoochee Soccer, Lacrosse and Track Season has arrived. Chattahoochee High School Music Association (CHSMA) operates the concession stand as a fundraiser for Band, Orchestra, and Chorus. Working the concession stand is a great way to offset the cost of your child’s participation in band.

This year, to keep cost down (and to earn more as a volunteer), we are limiting the amount of volunteers for each game. We are asking that the cashier and the griller be able to run for food, drinks, pretzels and make popcorn. As the season progresses, and the weather warms up, we will readdress to add runners to help out.  Don’t worry, we will train anyone who volunteers!

Click this Concessions sign up link to view the schedule and sign up.

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Concession Stand

img_1912Chattahoochee Marching Band is in charge of the large concession stand on the East side of the stage during concerts. We typically need 25 workers for each show, 13 adults and 12 students. Pay is sales commissions divided by the hour per worker and is credited to your student’s band account.  This is the highest paid fundraising activity and can significantly reduce your band fees especially if you have parents and students volunteering. It is work, but it is fun.

Click here for more information about positions, what to expect, and how staffing is organized.

Band DVD

Sponsor a commemorative shelf in your name!

For only $20.00 you can have a shelf sponsored by you, engraved with your name or student’s name, class and instrument.  Great idea for students, parents, Seniors, and even sections.  Download the Order Form and more details here.