More about Volunteering at Verizon

Chattahoochee Marching Band is in charge of the large concession stand on the East side of the stage during concerts.

We typically need 25 volunteers for each show.

10 of them will be cashiers and have to be over 21 because they will be pouring beers.

3 of them will be managers (also adults). There are 3 types of managers.
Cash Manager in charge of making sure each register has enough change through out the night and does not have any big bills. At the end of the night the cash manager counts all the money,  coupons and tips and turns the money into the office.

Inventory Manager is in charge of counting all the product before anything is prepared before the show and then again at closing time. The inventory count should balance with     the sales.

Stand Manager is equivalent to a General Manager in charge of making sure everything is running smooth and getting people what they need.

Volunteers must wear black pants and closed toe shoes. If you work in the back preparing food you need to wear a black hat with no logos on it. They will provide a shirt.

Parking is at the A Tow lot and I will send a map and directions before the show.

You will want to bring money for food. You will purchase Ovation dollars which enables you to buy food at a 50% discount.

Shifts are typically 4:30 or 5:00 (sometimes starting at 4:00) until about 11:00-11:30. The exception is the managers usually stay about an hour longer and have to arrive about 45 minutes earlier.

Pay is sales commissions divided by the hour per volunteer. On average it will be between $50 and $60 per volunteer per night (could be a bit less/ could be a bit more). This is the highest paid volunteer activity and will significantly reduce your band fees if you have parents and students volunteering. For example in 3 nights of 2 family members volunteering you could reduce your fee by $360.

It is work, but it is fun.

Staffing is done in the following order:
Managers and their children who signed up are staffed first.
Cashiers and their children who signed up are staffed second.
Students volunteering on their own are staffed last on a first sign up first staffed basis.

I have to do it this way to ensure we have the key adult positions filled.

Other positions available are:
4 food runners that serve the food.
1 popcorn maker
2 sandwich makers (wraps and BBQ sandwiches)
4 people in the back preparing hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers and fries. There are employees doing the real cooking – volunteers just prepare the food and clean.
1 person making pretzels and pizzas