Band Financial Assistance Form – Please fill out and return to the Gray Box in the band room lobby.

Pay by Check

To make current band payments or pay toward future band activities like the band trip, winter drum line/guard, or next years band fees with a check follow instructions below.

  • Make checks payable to CHS Band – Include your students name and your phone number on the check.
  • Mail to PO Box 4333 Alpharetta, GA 30022
  • You may also put your payment in the Gray Box inside the Band office area.  No Cash Payments Please.

Pay Online with a Credit Card or Pay Pal

  • For Current Fees click on the payment that you want to make in the chart below and you will be directed to Pay Pal.  If PayPal gives you the option, please put your student’s name in the memo field.  The Pay Pal processing fee is included in the online payment.
  • To make a payment not listed below please scroll to the bottom of this page and use the Student Account Payment link.  This is how you make monthly or miscellaneous payments to your student account.

The Marching Band Program is operated entirely on the Fees that you pay for your student to participate.  If you do not pay your fees, the program has to cut benefits to the students.  If you need to make special arrangements or need financial help with your program fees please use the contact form below and let us know.

Pay in Full – One payment

Due Date 2017-2018

Check Amount

Online Payments

Marching Band/Color Guard Payment in full including the participation fee. Use if  you have not made any other payments. July 15
Marching Band/Color Guard Payment in full without the participation fee. Use only if you’ve already paid the participation fee below. July 15
Band Class Fee Pay in Full August 31st $150 $155
Indoor Percussion Pay in Full November 15th  $550  $567
Winter Guard Pay in Full November 15th  $750  $773

Make payments

Suggested Due Date

Check Amount

Online Payments

Indoor Percussion Pmt 1 November 15th  $250  $258
Indoor Percussion Pmt 2 December 15th  $300  $309.50
Winter Guard Pmt 1 November 15th  $250  $258
Winter Guard Pmt 2 December 15th  $500  $515.50


  • Student Account Payment  Use this link for general payments toward your student account. DO NOT USE this link if you are making a payment that is listed above.  You enter the payment amount then choose Pay Pal or a Credit Card. Please put the student’s full name and purpose of payment in the Student Name/Account field.  It says Donate and by entering the student’s name and purpose we know which account to credit.  Your payment will have a small processing fee deducted. (ex. a $100 payment will put $96.80 into your account.)

If you have a question about your fees or how to pay them please use the contact form below.