fullsizeoutput_88cfThe Wind Ensemble is based upon a strict number of students with specific instrumentation and focuses on advanced literature of the typical band repertoire as well as contemporary works and other significant literature. This ensemble performs at Georgia Music Educators Large Group Performance Evaluation.  We encourage private lesson study to be accepted.

The Symphonic Band is based upon an audition and is for intermediate level students. This ensemble, be it large or small is essentially a stepping stone to the Wind Ensemble. The Symphonic Band performs at Large Group Performance Evaluation.

The Concert Band is designed to reinforce fundamentals, try new instruments and does not require audition. The concert band is the first step towards the Symphonic Band that leads in the end to the Wind Ensemble. The Concert Band participates in Large Group Performance Evaluation.

IMG_1684The Percussion Ensemble course is designed for all percussion members wishing to perform with any of the concert bands as well as its own stand alone ensemble. The course is designed to step students through fundamentals to performance based opportunities.

Attire For All Ensembles:
A friendly reminder that we are performing in all black this year. To make it simple the below items are allowed for performance based scenarios.

Black Button-Down Dress Shirt, Long sleeve.

Black Dress Pants – we have a limited supply for folks that need to utilize these.

Black Dress, formal and modest. Students desiring a black concert dress that do not wish to purchase their own may utilize our inventory.

Black dress shoes with black stockings/hosiery.

Students will be provided the dress jacket.

FY 2018 Fulton County Schools Fine Arts Diploma Seal Information
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