Winter/Color Guard

2019 Chattahoochee Scholastic A Winterguard 

2019 Production, “Every Heart, Every Story”

Head Captain: Senior, Rayna Richardson
Co-Captains: Senior, Kate Ryan and Junior, Kathy Hu
Seniors: Tyler Tabron (Northview HS)

Membership: Bradli Baker, Talia Rockhill, Katie Kahn, Ashleigh Gray, Noelle James, Rachael Shuman, Kate Jobe, Keri Bodker, Sarah Coyne, Lillian Brenters, and Catherine Bryant

Director: Marcus Onezime

Alexandria Davies
Morgan Mosley
Dr. Chester Phillips
Corey Hawkins
Tavius Cooper
Joshua Waite

2019 Chattahoochee Scholastic Novice Winterguard

2019 Production, “Like a Bird”

Membership: Sophia Prud’homme, Ava Gilleland, Lily Masie, Abby Coyne, Anna Ostrovskiy, Gabrielle Rockhill, and Michelle Baker (Northview HS)

Directors: Marcus Onezime
Asst. Director: Morgan Mosley
Alexandria Davies

What are Winterguard and Color Guard?

Winterguard and Color Guard are 2 different programs although many students do both.  They use props, such as flags and rifles, along with movement, to express dynamic passages in a piece of  music.

  • Winterguard is part of our Winter Season Indoor Program.  There is an audition process and fees associated.  Most of their performances are as part of a competition.  They compete in the  SAPA and Winter Guard International circuits.
  • The Color Guard is part of the Fall Marching Band Program.  The CHS Marching Band/Color Guard perform Friday Nights in the stands and at the Half Time shows during the football season.  They also compete in a few (usually 3) regional competitions, usually on a Saturday.  The Color Guard practices with the Marching Band and the fees are the same as the Marching Band fees.   More photos


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