Winter/Color Guard

2018 Chattahoochee Varsity Winterguard 

Head Captain: Senior, Shayla Perez
Co-Captains: Senior, John Morrow and Junior, Rayna Richardson
Seniors: Mildred Clerveau, Victoria Fong, Brianna Knott and Eryn Young
Kate Ryan, Bradley Maddox, Tyler Tabron (Northview HS) Kathy Hu, Tiffany Nanko (Northview HS), Hailey Broyles, Katie Kahn, Sarah Coyne, Kate Jobe, Keri Bodker, Ashleigh Gray and Bradli Baker


Director: Marcus Onezime
Brent Flynn
Chris Farley
Holly Brooks
Corey Hawkins
Melody Lopez
Alex Davies
Molly Favret (Designs)


What are Winterguard and Color Guard?

Winterguard and Color Guard are 2 different programs although many students do both.  They use props, such as flags and rifles, along with movement, to express dynamic passages in a piece of  music.

  • Winterguard is part of our Winter Season Indoor Program.  There is an audition process and fees associated.  Most of their performances are as part of a competition.  They compete in the  SAPA and Winter Guard International circuits.
  • The Color Guard is part of the Fall Marching Band Program.  The CHS Marching Band/Color Guard perform Friday Nights in the stands and at the Half Time shows during the football season.  They also compete in a few (usually 3) regional competitions, usually on a Saturday.  The Color Guard practices with the Marching Band and the fees are the same as the Marching Band fees.   More photos