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We have made an effort to fill this website with answers to your questions.  Below are a few very common ones and if you still have a question please use the Contact Us form below.



Fees and Payments

  • Where do I send my band payments?
    • PO Box 4333 Alpharetta, GA 30022
    • You may also put your payment in the Gray Box inside the Band office area.  Include your students name and your phone number on the check.  No Cash Payments Please.
  • Can I pay online with a credit card?  Yes!  Go to the Payments Page and click on the payment that you want to make and you will open a Pay Pal window to make the payment.  There is a small processing fee included in the payment.


  • How do I know what to volunteer for?  Each Board member is responsible for different committees.  Go to the Get Involved page and let us know how you would like to help.
  • How do I sign up for Verizon?  Why can’t I do this in advance if I know the dates in advance? Please visit the Verizon Information Page.  If your email is in Charms Office, you will get a form to sign up for each concert.  Sign ups cannot be sent until Verizon confirms the volunteer needs and check in time for each concert. Sign ups will be put on the Fundraising Page when they become available.

Charms Office

  • What is Charms?  Charms Office is a communication and data tool used by the band to keep student’s information up to date, track finances, and to distribute news and messages to parents and students.  Your student is automatically entered into Charms Office when they register for any Band Program and you can edit the information yourself. For more information on setting up and using Charms Office go to our Charms Page.

Game Days & Rehearsals

  • Does the band stay at school between dismissal and games?  For home and away games the band and guard will stay after school and will be provided a meal coordinated by the Boosters.
  • Can I bring my child home from the away game?  No.  All students are required to ride the bus back to the school with the band.  You may pick your student up at Chattahoochee.
  • What if my child can’t attend a rehearsal, game, or competition? Our programs depend upon each student to fulfill his/her part, both on the field and off. We aren’t able to practice effectively if students are frequently absent. We understand that occasionally due to illness or other unforeseen events students may occasionally be absent. Please refrain from scheduling doctor’s appointments or other activities during rehearsal times, or camps.

Band DVD

  • Where do I send my Band DVD payment?  Make checks payable to Emily Wilson and send to 335 Rossiter Ridge, Alpharetta GA 30022
  • Which DVD has indoor pictures on it?  For 2016-2017  Indoor Drum and Guard make up one video which is included on the Marching Band DVD and the Concert Band DVD.
  • What pictures should I send in for senior tributes?  Send a few of your favorites, baby, kid, senior, etc.
  • How long should my senior tribute message be?  1-2 short sentences.
  • What is the deadline to send pictures, tributes, and media and who do I send it to?    Send to by April 1st.


  • What is Spring Camp and who is supposed to go?  Spring camp happens at the end of the school year and is held at CHS.  Anyone who is interested in the Marching Band/Colorguard Program is invited to come and see what it’s like.  There is no obligation.  It is an opportunity for rising 9th graders and anyone else interested in Marching Band to try it out.
  • Do I need to get the Physical Form completed before Spring Camp? Not before Spring Camp but you do need it completed before Summer Camp in July.  It can be turned in on the first day of Summer Camp to a Booster Board member.
  • What is Summer Camp?  Students who are committed to the Marching Band/Colorguard Program are required to attend 2 weeks of Summer Marching Band Camp at the end of the summer.  This usually includes a Music Camp the Thursday and Friday before summer camp starts.
  • What is Music Camp?  This camp is usually the Thursday and Friday before Summer Camp starts.  It is considered part of the Marching Band Camp and is required.  The students focus on the music of the show and the stand tunes for the coming year.  Music is posted in Charms in the weeks before camp and students will be notified.

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