What is Charms and how do I use it?

Charms is a software tool that Mr. Garofalo and the Booster’s use to streamline communications, store files like music and Booster meeting minutes, keep track of student and parent contact information, and track student finances.  Students have probably already gone onto Charms to download music for Marching Band.  There is a public section and a private section.  All of the music, news, and calendar can be accessed in the public section.  The private section is where you will find your financial statement and be able to update your personal information.

Public – Go to

  1. Click Login at top right corner of screen – choose Parent/Student/Members
  2. Enter school code – chattahoocheeband and Enter Charms
  3. This is the public area of Charms. You can view the Calendar, Email staff, and see handouts.  In the News! Section you will see listed any current Newsletter or general communication that has been sent out.
  4. In Handouts and Files you will find folders and handouts with the music for the Marching Band Show and music for each band class. When Mr. Garofalo posts music to Charms he usually sends out an email to the students telling them exactly where to go to find the music they need.  Almost all of the Booster information in Charms can also be found on the website –

Private – To enter the private section you put your password into the Student Area Password section.  If it is the first time you have signed in your password is the same as your student ID.  You will be asked to create a new password.

  1. To see your student and contact information click on the “student info” icon at the top of the page. Here you can update your personal information and change your password.  It’s important to keep your email address and mobile number up to date.  This is our primary tool for communicating with parents and students.  When the band is traveling you will receive emails and texts with information about arrival times and pick up times.  Students must have an email in their contact field or they will miss information.  It can be their personal email address or a parents email.  If you don’t want to get emails to a certain address it needs to be removed from Charms.
  2. To view your finances, click on the “finances” button at the top of the screen. Here you will see your financial statement.  The top of this statement is the summary of what you owe, what you have paid and what you have fundraised.  The net will be you either have a credit balance which means you owe nothing or you have a balance due which means you owe the band money.
  3. Following is the Fixed Payment detail of your band fees and any payments you have made.
  4. The next section is your Fundraising detail showing any funds raised with Scrip, Verizon, CHS Concession, or any other fundraisers you have participated in. You can view this grouped by the fundraiser or by the date.  I recommend viewing by date.  Most funds raised will post in the month that follows the fundraiser.  CHS Concessions will not show until the following year. (Any CHS Concessions money raised in 2016-2017 will be credited to the student account for the 2017-2018 school year.  This may change.)
  5. The last section is a detailed ledger which shows the transactions of transfers from the general band fund into your fundraising account and transfers from your student account to the band for payments of fees or trips.

If you have any questions or need any help with Charms feel free to contact me using the from below.  This is a useful tool that is very helpful to Mr. Garofalo and the Boosters Board in communicating with the students and parents and keeping track of the day to day information we need to run this great band program.  We want to make sure as a parent/guardian you are comfortable using it, especially for tracking finances.

Kristin Wilson – VP Communications