Working Verizon to pay band fees is FUN!

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You can earn money toward your band fees and trips by working at the Verizon Amphitheater Concession Stand.  Detailed information about Verizon and what to expect is on the Fundraising Page of the website.  Before you work please review this online training deck.  You will also need to sign the Verizon Volunteer Release Form 2018.  Get a head start on your fundraising and sign up for concerts now.  It is important that you show up if you sign up.  Because of the popularity of this fundraiser it can fill up fast.  If you put your name on the list to work please mark your calendar.  You will receive a confirmation email several days before the concert which indicates we are counting on you to be there.

Friday, March 30  – Good Friday – Check-In Time 4:00
Tuesday, April 17 – Jimmy Buffet – Estimated Check-In Time 5:00
Saturday, May 19 – Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers – Estimated Check-in Time 4:30
Sunday, May 20 – Willie Nelson – Estimated Check-In Time 4:30
Tuesday, June 5 – Poison and Cheap Trick – Estimated Check-In Time 4:00
Saturday, June 9 – I Love the 90’s – Estimated Check-In Time 4:00
Thursday, June 14 – Rascal Flatts – Estimated Check-In Time 4:30
Saturday, June 16 – Pop Rocks – Estimated Check-In Time 3:00
Saturday, July 7 – Foreigner (Whitesnake and Jason Bonham) – Estimated Check-In 4:00
Saturday, July 14 – Chicago and REO Speedwagon – Estimated Check-In 4:30
Tuesday, July 17 – Steve Miller Band – Estimated Check-In 4:00
Saturday, July 18 – Kidz Bop Live – Estimated Check-In 3:00
Sunday, July 29 – Keith Urban – Estimated Check-In 4:30
Friday, Aug 3 – Phish – Estimated Check-In 4:30
Saturday, Aug 4 – Phish – Estimated Check-In 4:30
Sunday, Aug 5 – Phish – Estimated Check-In 4:30
Sunday, Aug 12 – Five Finger Death Punch – Estimated Check-In 4:00
Friday, Aug 24 – Need to Breath – Estimated Check-In 4:00
Wednesday, Aug 29 – Charlie Puth – Estimated Check-In 4:30
Thursday, September 20 – Niall Horan – Estimated Check-In 4:00
Friday, October 19 – Chris Stapleton – Estimated Check-In 4:00

Working Verizon to pay Band Fees is FUN!


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Hope your summer has gotten off to a good start.  Summer Band Camp and the Marching Band/Fall Guard Season are right around the corner and fees are due by July 15th.  We have extra spaces at Verizon this summer so there is a lot of opportunity to earn $$ before the fees are due.  You can get your friends and family to work with you and earn even faster.  

Here is some information on each of the fundraising opportunities we have.


  • Sign up to work at the concession stand at the Verizon Amphitheater.  Once a month Verizon sends us a check for the money we all earned that month and it is divided up among the people who worked that month, based on how many hours they each worked.
  • 90% of your earnings are deposited into your student’s band account.  The amount usually comes out to about $8/hr.  (Not guaranteed, of course.)
  • This is the fastest way to earn money toward band fees. The sign ups are emailed through Charms Office, and posted on the Fundraising Page of the website.  Even if the slots are filled, still sign up because there is a waiting list in case someone has to cancel.  If you are not getting the Verizon sign up emails then you need to check your information in the Charms Office portal.


  • Purchase gift cards and use them to make your everyday purchases.
  • Once you are signed up for Scrip and have verified your PrestoPay account you can order e-cards called ScripNow and use them to pay for things you already purchase.
  • You can print the ScripNow or use it from your phone.  There are too many stores to list, but some of the most popular ones are Starbucks 7%, iTunes 5%, Kohl’s 4%, Macy’s 10%, Lowe’s 4%, Home Depot 4%, 3%, Chipotle 10%, Panera 9%, Chili’s 11%, Bath&Body Works 13%.
  • Each time you buy an e-card, a rebate is sent to the band of which 90% is put into your band account.  The rebate varies depending on the retailer but if you get in the habit of checking MyScripWallet before you pay your bill then the rebates add up.
  • This fundraising is a slow and steady way to add funds to your band account.  
  • Around the holiday’s we have an ordering schedule to order physical gift cards that you can use as holiday gifts for friends, family, teachers, etc.

CHS Concession Stand

  • The CHS Concession stand is run by CHSMA – CHS Music Association.  Minimum age to work is 14.  Shifts are 2 hours, 5-7, 7-9, and 9-11.  Earnings in Fall Semester are paid at the beginning of Spring Semester and earnings in Spring Semester are paid at the end of the school year.  Earnings are transferred into your students Band, Orchestra, or Chorus account and can be used toward program fees.  Sign ups are on the Fundraising Page. Scroll down to CHS Concessions to see sign up links.

Annual Music Department Fundraiser

  • Each year the Music Department chooses a fundraiser for all the students taking music classes.  This year the CHS Music Department participated in the Yankee Candle fundraiser.  Again 90% of the money you earn selling candles is put into your band account.

Currently investigating other fundraisers

  • We are putting together a committee who can look into various options for fundraisers and choose one or two that may fit into our model of fundraising in fun way without having to go door to door and sell stuff.
  • We would love your input and participation.  If you are interested in being a part of this committee please contact our VP of Fundraising using the form below.

Only 8 more Verizon shows left this year

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After this weekend, there are only 8 more Verizon shows left for the season. The 2017 season will start again in the Spring.

This means there are 8 more shows to earn money toward:
a) Any outstanding fees
b) Winter band programs
c) Spring band trip
d) Next year’s band fees.

As you all noticed this year the shows early in the season are fully staffed quickly, so it is a smart idea to work the end of the season shows to get ahead on next year’s band fees.

Also, there is not a 2 person per student limit on these final shows.

Please note, we are contractually obligated to staff these shows. We want to make sure we keep this fundraiser for future years.

I am currently still looking for people to work
Friday, Sept 16, Widespread Panic (check in time 4:00)
**sold out show
Sunday, Sept 18, The Maestro Ilaiyaraaja (check in time 1:00 – will end early)
Friday, Sep 23, The Star Wars Movie, (check in time 4:30)
Tuesday, Oct 4, Prophets of Rage (check in time 4:00)

The final shows in October will be:
Saturday, Oct 8, Kicks 101.5 Country Fair (this will be a long day)
Thursday, Oct 13, Korn with Breaking Benjamin
Friday, Oct 21, Phish (This will be a sold out show and it is during a home game)
Saturday, Oct 22, Phish


The Scent of Fundraising

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Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 5.40.05 PMThis week the student’s should have brought home a packet regarding the Yankee Candle fundraiser.

Within the packet is a catalog of candles that are for sale and a traditional order form. You might bring this to your office or share with your neighbors.

Another way to let friends and family know about the candles and allow them to place an order is through the website. It is fairly simple to set up.

The site is

In the center of the home page you will find a box titled Start Shopping. In that box is a link that reads Create SELLER login.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 5.45.51 PM

Fill in the Sign Up to be a Seller section. The group number is 990098674

Once you have set up your seller login you have the option to add names and emails of friends and family who would want to buy from you as well as share on Twitter and Facebook. You will also be able to login and track all your online sales.

There is also a mobile app. Go to the Google Play or Apple store and find the Yankee Fundraiser. Setting up the mobile app is similar to setting up the website app. With the mobile app you can text your friends and family a link to buy the candles.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 5.53.09 PM

How much will you raise? Yankee Candle gives 40% of all sales. For all fundraisers the band splits the money 10% to the general band fund and 90% to the student accounts.

The holidays are right around the corner and everyone loves candles.


How I Earned $150 Toward Band Fees with Little Effort

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Like many other band families, when I heard there were opportunities to decrease my band fees I wanted to know more.  I immediately got involved with what I was told was the most lucrative fundraiser, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater concessions.

I had heard about the Scrip fundraiser but even though I was in charge of fundraising, managing Scrip was not assigned to me. I, like many of you, looked briefly at the Scrip opportunity and saw that only 2-12% of the gift cards you purchase are applied to your fees. That is just a few dollars at a time. I felt it was not worth the effort.

This year I decided that since I am in charge of fundraising I should learn more about Scrip and at least give it a try. I learned that you do not need to pre-order gift cards. You can actually sign up to buy the cards online and have them delivered as e-cards within a minute. So this is what I have done.

We eat at Chili’s. I am a rewards member there meaning for each dollar I spend I get points that can be redeemed for free food. When it is time to pay the check I log in to get my rewards and see what the amount of the check is. I add the tip amount to the total and then go on my phone and buy a ShopwithScrip gift card for as close to the amount as I can. Chili’s gives 11% back toward my band fees. So I effectively got an 11% discount plus my Chili’s points.

I have a Starbucks gift card that is registered for me to get Starbucks rewards. When it runs low on funds I go to ShopwithScrip, buy a gift card and then transfer the funds from that gift card to the one that is registered to give me my points. Now I am getting my Starbucks rewards plus 7% of the amount going toward the band fees.

Summer is a time of lots of blockbuster movies. I am an AMC member and earn points for the money I spend with AMC, even when paying for  tickets with a gift card. So when I go to buy my tickets online I use my rewards card and an AMC gift card that I bought online and was emailed to me within a minute. I earn my points and get 8% of the amount spent applied to band fees.

For mother’s day I could have used 1-800-Flowers to send my mom a bouquet earning 12% toward band fees. Instead I bought her gift cards that were emailed to her.

I started in January. There have been a number of times I forgot to even check if the place I was buying from was listed on Scrip such as Chipotle which gives 10%. Yet without really trying, I have racked up $150 toward my band fees. Now I am thinking about how much more I can earn if I get my family to use online scrip or if I sell gift cards (at cost) to my friends, family, and neighbors. I think we would all agree that gift cards are better to sell than cheesecakes. But if you really like cheesecake, Cheesecake Factory gives 5% back toward band.

There are only 25 slots available for each Verizon Wireless show. There are limited slots available to work the concession stands, but there are numerous businesses listed on Scrip that when you use the gift card will help your fundraising add up.

To learn more about how to get set up with the online account, visit our fundraiser page.

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Summer Scrip

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If you had a coupon for $10.00 off your band fees, would you use it?  What if you could get an even bigger coupon?  Summer is a good time to take advantage of Scrip rebates to earn money toward your band fees.  No selling, just shop like you normally would, and use Scrip cards to pay for your purchases.

Get started now: Set up an account at  Use Enrollment Code 3L5D4B6C3214.  Purchase gift cards at face value and a percentage goes into your students band account.  The percentage depends on the retailer.  You can plan ahead and order physical cards which are great for gifts, or you can set up Presto Pay and order ScripNow e-Cards on the spot.  For even more details on the Scrip rebate program visit our Fundraising Page.   If you have any questions please Contact Us.

How it can add up:

Retailer Purchase Total Rebate Admin Fee 10% to Band Student Account 90%
Target 100.00  2.5% 2.50 .25 2.25
Shell 50.00     2% 1.00 .10 .90
Panera 30.00     9% 2.70 .27 2.43
AMC Theaters 40.00     8% 3.20 .32 2.88
Starbucks 40.00     7% 2.80 .28 2.52
Total 12.20 1.22 10.98