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Friday was a long day but the extra rehearsal time allowed us to get a lot accomplished.  We learned new drill and visuals for “It’s Not Unusual” and added another prop to the field.  We will perform the show after the game Friday night since the Homecoming festivities will be during half-time.  The Exhibition at Cambridge on Saturday is another great opportunity to see our show and enjoy other local bands as well.  The itinerary has been posted on the website.  For students who want to go to the Homecoming Dance Saturday night there will be a bus leaving the competition right after we perform.

Students should have taken their uniforms home to be washed and instructions for that can be found on the Forms and Resources Page

What Happened in Vegas…?



Off to a good start!

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Marching Band season is off to a great start.  The band and guard students are motivated and working hard as we head into the competition season.  The students were glad to be at Rockdale County HS on Friday Night to see our Football team take the win.  Go Hooch!  Our next game is Sept 8th at home against Cambridge.  Come out and support our award winning Marching Band/Guard students and see the dazzling show they are working on, “What Happened in Vegas…”.  Special thanks to our parent volunteers who help in so many ways.  It’s great to see the support and dedication that they have for this program.  If you are interested in volunteering go to our Get Involved Page.  See more photos on our Photos Page and order your End of Year DVD on the Video Page.



Great Participation In Theme Days!

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Summer Camp Advice

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Advice from those who have gone before…

  1. Bring water JUGS not bottles – 1 gallon is best.
  2. Drink during every water break even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  3. Start spending time outside in the heat and drinking lots of water so that your body is used to it.
  4. Wear cool, loose, and comfortable athletic clothing.  Avoid dark colors.
  5. Wear your sunscreen.  Getting a sunburn hinders your body’s ability to cool itself.
  6. Carry a small back pack/cinch – What should you carry in your bag?
    + a small snack (granola bar, crackers, fruit, etc.)
    + money for off campus meals
    + sunscreen and bug spray – keep in a plastic bag in case of leaks
    + sunglasses and/or hat
    + anything you need that isn’t in your band locker (music, drill, mouthpiece, valve oil, etc.)
    + hair ties/headbands
    + keep your phone in a plastic bag in case it rains
    + pencil or pen
    +You should have a binder for music and a pencil. Keep all your music in plastic sleeves so it doesn’t get dirty or wet.
    +Your drill should also be kept in a plastic sleeve and should be available to you at all times.
  8. Show up at least 10 minutes before call time.
  9. Eat a good breakfast with protein and carbs but don’t over eat.   Drink LOTS of water every day.  If you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated.
    try to avoid milk – Some have found it makes them nauseous when it’s hot out.
  10. Remember that you will be out in the sun all day so if you wear a watch, wristband, shirts with sleeves, etc. you will get tan lines.
    You will be allowed to take your shirt off if you want (girls need to wear sports bras…try to avoid white or beige).
  11. Go to Summer Marching Camp page on the website for a camp schedule.

See you at camp!


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Hope your summer has gotten off to a good start.  Summer Band Camp and the Marching Band/Fall Guard Season are right around the corner and fees are due by July 15th.  We have extra spaces at Verizon this summer so there is a lot of opportunity to earn $$ before the fees are due.  You can get your friends and family to work with you and earn even faster.  

Here is some information on each of the fundraising opportunities we have.


  • Sign up to work at the concession stand at the Verizon Amphitheater.  Once a month Verizon sends us a check for the money we all earned that month and it is divided up among the people who worked that month, based on how many hours they each worked.
  • 90% of your earnings are deposited into your student’s band account.  The amount usually comes out to about $8/hr.  (Not guaranteed, of course.)
  • This is the fastest way to earn money toward band fees. The sign ups are emailed through Charms Office, and posted on the Fundraising Page of the website.  Even if the slots are filled, still sign up because there is a waiting list in case someone has to cancel.  If you are not getting the Verizon sign up emails then you need to check your information in the Charms Office portal.


  • Purchase gift cards and use them to make your everyday purchases.
  • Once you are signed up for Scrip and have verified your PrestoPay account you can order e-cards called ScripNow and use them to pay for things you already purchase.
  • You can print the ScripNow or use it from your phone.  There are too many stores to list, but some of the most popular ones are Starbucks 7%, iTunes 5%, Kohl’s 4%, Macy’s 10%, Lowe’s 4%, Home Depot 4%, 3%, Chipotle 10%, Panera 9%, Chili’s 11%, Bath&Body Works 13%.
  • Each time you buy an e-card, a rebate is sent to the band of which 90% is put into your band account.  The rebate varies depending on the retailer but if you get in the habit of checking MyScripWallet before you pay your bill then the rebates add up.
  • This fundraising is a slow and steady way to add funds to your band account.  
  • Around the holiday’s we have an ordering schedule to order physical gift cards that you can use as holiday gifts for friends, family, teachers, etc.

CHS Concession Stand

  • The CHS Concession stand is run by CHSMA – CHS Music Association.  Minimum age to work is 14.  Shifts are 2 hours, 5-7, 7-9, and 9-11.  Earnings in Fall Semester are paid at the beginning of Spring Semester and earnings in Spring Semester are paid at the end of the school year.  Earnings are transferred into your students Band, Orchestra, or Chorus account and can be used toward program fees.  Sign ups are on the Fundraising Page. Scroll down to CHS Concessions to see sign up links.

Annual Music Department Fundraiser

  • Each year the Music Department chooses a fundraiser for all the students taking music classes.  This year the CHS Music Department participated in the Yankee Candle fundraiser.  Again 90% of the money you earn selling candles is put into your band account.

Currently investigating other fundraisers

  • We are putting together a committee who can look into various options for fundraisers and choose one or two that may fit into our model of fundraising in fun way without having to go door to door and sell stuff.
  • We would love your input and participation.  If you are interested in being a part of this committee please contact our VP of Fundraising using the form below.

Spring Camp 2017

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Spring Camp for Fall Guard and Marching Band will be May 15-19 from 4-6pm.  Anyone interested in the Marching Band or Fall Color Guard can come try it out and see how fun it is to be a part of our award winning team. Band Promo Video.  There is no obligation, just a ton of fun.

Rising 9th graders will walk up from TRMS after school and will need to be picked up at 6pm at the CHS Bus Canopy.  Bring a snack, water bottle, and sunscreen.

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