Band Class Syllabus 2017-2018

As soon as we know the itinerary for a Competition or Event we post it here.

For a printable list of  the Rehearsal/Performance Dates for the 2017 CHS Marching Band/Color Guard CLICK HERE – This document is subject to change. The Itineraries and News Pages and the Calendar are the best source for the schedule.

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The water bottles and cinch sacks that were given to students are part of their uniform.  They are expected to have them for all games and competitions.

 Away Game @ Rockdale High School

  • 2:30PM – 7th Period – Percussion Students meet and begin equipment moving.
  • 3:45PM – Students arrive in band room, and prepare for the away game departure.
  • 4:00PM – Change into uniform bottoms and packed hat.
  • 5:00PM – (or when busses are able to leave) we depart – Students will eat provided Subway en-route
  • 7:30PM – Kick Off
  • 8:30PM – Halftime
  • 10:30PM – Estimated Game end time
  • 10:45PM – Depart
  • 12:15AM – Back at hooch.


  • 3:30-4 arrival and prep time
  • 4-6:45 rehearsal time
  • 6:45-7 clean up time
  • 7pm Sidewalk Time – students are ready for pickup.

Home Game Procedures and Itinerary

  • 3:00PM – Percussion move front ensemble to stadium/set up.
  • 3:30 PM – Students fill personal water bottles and prep for rehearsal.
  • 3:50 PM – Attendance Lines
  • 4:00 PM – Rehearsal block – see rehearsal board as usual.
  • 6:00 PM – End Rehearsal Block
  • 6:05 PM – Eat, Change in this order. Food will be served in the cafeteria. Guard eats first.
  • 7:10 PM – All Ensemble Members 2 Lines for Uniform inspection.
  • 7:15 PM – Step off to stadium
  • 7:20 PM – Arrive in stands.
  • 7:30- Kick Off
  • 1st Quarter – Play in stands
  • 2nd Quarter – Ensemble Dismissed to warm up for halftime.
  • Half time – Home band plays second.
  • 3rd Quarter – Break after all logistics are concluded.
  • 4th Quarter – Downbeat. Fight Song.
  • Game Buzzer – Fight Song. 2 Lines, back to band room to Attendance Lines.
  • Dismissed. Uniforms are hung on racks left unzipped.

Change in designated areas only. No changing in any area of the band suite. No playing of instruments prior to full band rehearsal.