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I am so proud of this program.  This marching band season has been exceptional in so many ways. It was wonderful to see the enjoyment of the students after each performance and the pride of everyone involved.  It was great to see the students progress to a better performance each time we took the field.
Our production definitely caught a lot of attention and was well liked. This was a very competitive, yet audience friendly show and at times it can be hard to execute the marriage of the two. I was impressed by the way the students handled themselves in so many scenarios and the way they carried themselves at every event.
As you can imagine it takes a lot, to design a show and make the many parts come together to create one final product, and it is sad to see it suddenly come to a screeching halt. Once we released that last note at Milton, the show was over, it was said and done, never to occur again. I try my hardest to teach this lesson, and it is very easy to comprehend when done through music.
Thank you to everyone that helped make it possible for the students to perform this show.  Together we survived the long nights, crazy hills, prop building Saturdays, food serving Fridays, pit moving weekends, uniform fittings and disbursement, and the truck.
I am in my 11th year at The Hooch and could not have asked for a better season.  Not since Chattahoochee opened it’s doors in 1991 have we enjoyed a Marching Band this big. Thank you for allowing your son’s and daughter’s to be a part of something great.  I look forward to the years to come and to continuing to watch this program develop.
All the best,
Nick Garofalo

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